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"One can exist without art, but no one can be alive without it." - Oscar Wilde


Latest Works

These are some of my latests works

To The Light

Since ancient times light is seen as a symbol of the good life whereas darkness (lack of light) symbolises evil or ignorance. Ever since the discovery of fire, light becomes an integral and indispensable part of the life of primitive man. In human life and culture the interaction between light and darkness plays a key role in the balance of power over the possibilities and shortcomings of human nature. Man as a thinking being reflecting on the sacred cosmic knowledge, seeking the light which points to constant knowledge about themselves and their role in life.

Scarf with Bulgarian design "Family Wealth"

The design of the scarf includes motifs of Bulgarian traditions, customs and symbolism, the combination of which contributes to strong relationships in family relationships, well-being and financial stability.

The Owl

The Owl symbolises the night and darkness. In mythology it has a dual character and was awarded the opposite characteristics.

Nowadays, The Owl is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, knowledge and erudition that dissipates the darkness of ignorance.