Artistic Woven

Handmade on a vertical loom artistic woven, contributes to the warmth of life, aesthetics, comfort. Creating these from textile requires a solid philosophical system. The process is long, but the result is a unique creation that cannot be exactly recreated especially if the project has iridescent shades and colours. Every single thing in these works of art is done by hand.


Painting is more than a life philosophy, it is a catharsis! It is a vocation and choice, inner need to express the unconscious inspiration, where knowledge is led by a choice to search oneself beyond mere existence. In essence, art is striving for perfection, striving to the existential manifestation of the artist’s spirit.

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Painted silk and Batik

The paintings, scarves and other items in this section combine the elements of design, art and technique gathered in the pursuit of many forms of art over the years. Silk paintings and batic are a unique combination of art, beauty, and functionality. I believe, you will see my passion and love for art and design.

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Icons have a very special appeal. They captured our attention and trigger inexplicable feelings. Iconography takes us beyond the human dimension and the surrounding reality. They lead us into the world of the sacred, in the realm of spirituality and eternity. In an icon every gesture, gaze and posture is filled with peace, with a sense of great respect and worship for God and the saints.

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Crafts - embroideries, knitting, gourd art

gifts, clothing accessories, decorations, home and office accessories

A philosophical view on personal accessories in clothing and decorations. Organising the interior space in your home and office includes a variety of specific elements that are believed to improve energy and internal harmony around you. Possessing these handmade products allows you to activate your inner potential and its connection with the Space energy, which helps your succeed with daily activities and goals.

The products are all hand made and unique! For queries, please contact me!

Dear customers, this section is currently undergoing changes. Thank you for the patience and understanding.

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