Caring for fabrics

To preserve the colors and softness of the painted fabrics, cleaning must be done in the following ways:

  1. Dry laundry
  2. Silk - The hand-painted silk scarves can be hand washed in cooler water with a mild soap. When rinsing, 2-3 drops of softener can be used. It is desirable that the silk should not be rubbed intensively during washing and should not be twisted, but that it should be allowed to escape and dry in a shady place. Do not dry silk in direct sunlight! You can hang it on a towel rack to dry. Press the silk scarf always on the reverse side, using a warm setting/or the silk setting of your iron. Avoid using hot iron onto the silk - you may burn the fabric. Do not bleach and do not dry clean.
  3. Fabrics - Painted dense fabrics can be washed in a washing machine unless there is an explicit indication to wash them by hand. In the case of hand washing, the requirements are those of silk.

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