A philosophical view on organising the interior space in your home and office includes a variety of specific elements that are believed to improve energy at home and help owners improve their internal harmony. The proper arrangement of objects as well as possessing handmade products, which contain the vitality and spiritual manifestation of the artist, activate inner potential and its connection with the Space energy.

The balance between nature's elements - water, metal, wood, fire and earth, contribute to the harmony at home and the interactions between spirit and matter, between heart and mind. Materials, seasons and qualities symbolising the five elements are as follows:

Water - water, glass, stained glass, mirrors, aquarium, decorative fountain and everything else which is black, blue or contains water, represents the element of water. Colour of the elements – black and dark blue. Season - winter. Direction - north. Shape - indefinite, variable. Animal from the Chinese calendar - rat, pig. Virtues - wisdom. Quality - persistence.

Wood - wooden objects, statuettes and figurines of wood, paper products, furniture made of bent wood, wicker furniture and lighting fixtures, live plants, fresh flowers and green objects represent the wood element. Colour of the elements - green. Season - spring. Direction - east, southeast. Shape - upright rectangular and vertically elongated. Animal from the Chinese calendar - tiger, rabbit. Virtues - benevolence. Quality - faithfulness.

Fire - candles, lanterns, fragrance, images of the sun, animals, birds and children, candlesticks, containers for fragrances, glasses with fragrance sticks and everything related to live flames, as well as red objects representing the fire element. Colour of the elements - red. Season - summer. Direction - south. Shape - triangular. Animal from the Chinese calendar – snake, horse. Virtues - decorum. Quality - mind and logic.

Earth - ceramics, crystal and porcelain, stone, sculpture, square objects, coloured terracotta and ocher, yellow objects and everything made from clay, earthenware, ceramics representing the earth element. Colour of the elements - yellow. Season - St. Martin's summer. Direction - south-west, north-east and centre. Shape - square. Animal from the Chinese calendar - buffalo, dragon, goat, dog. Virtues - faith. Quality - honesty.

Metal - metal objects, bells, swords, arrowheads and spears, iron, bronze, silver, objects with round and oval form, wind bells and everything else from metal, representing the metal element. Colour of the elements - silver, gold and white, metallic colours. Season - spring. Direction - west, north-west. Shape -  round. Animal from the Chinese calendar - monkey, peacock. Virtues - justice. Quality - clear thinking.


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